Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Humail By insighde

Nice app.Great to send group email to our friends.Recommended!


***The current release doesn't support iPad.
*** This is a highly-discounted (2.99 USD instead of 5.99 USD) early release of Humail. Frequent updates are being released to enhance the performance and enrich the user experience. You'll continue to receive all future updates for free. Thanks for supporting the early days of Humail.

No more cold rigid mail grids. Touching is believing and it’s the time to touch, feel, personalize, your in and out post. It’s the time to wait for your envelope with this smarter, faster, and emotionally rich email client for you iPhone.

Humail visualizes the mailbox elements using traditional post metaphors to help you process your messages in a more efficient and entertaining way.

Humail Experience Elements
- Smart Visual Design
- Message Flow
- Customizable Envelopes
- Auto classification
- Previews and Shortcuts
- Smart Filters
- All New Emails
- Photo Stamps

- Smart Visual Design: Very intuitive elements and techniques that enable you scan your emails faster, more efficiently and with much fun.
- Customizable Envelopes: You can attach a different envelope for each of your contacts and decide how you want them to look in your inbox.
- Auto classification: Humail helps you easily recognize messages coming from contacts even in the crowd of the messages flowing to your mailbox. Pick the look of envelope that would be the most comforting for your eyes and that would mean the most to you about your contacts and enjoy them being so eye-catching and inviting in between messages from non-contacts. What will you pick? The traditional airmail? Can’t wait to see how this will look like?
- Previews and Shortcuts: Now you don’t have to dig down to your message details just to forward, reply, move, or delete the message. The message preview helps your sneak at the message without opening it, which would partially help you take your decision of opening, forwarding, replying, moving or deleting. Once decided, the nicely-crafted flying buttons make it a breeze for you to take an action and move on to the next message in a second.

- Smart Filters: With one touch you can filter your inbox based on different criteria. It’s amazing seeing your messages rearranging themselves to suit a particular objective you’re visiting you’re inbox for. You can decide to just see the messages from contacts and to hide those from non-contacts from the time being. You can decide to see messages that only have attachments or that are the ones you’ve not read.

- All New Emails: One visit to this virtual inbox helps you see all the new messages from all your mailboxes. Your all-new virtual inbox uses these lovely glassy-looking separators to help you navigate between the new messages from different accounts.

- Photo Stamps: If you have a photo assigned for a contact, whenever you receive a message from this contact his photo will always be a post stamp.

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