Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Free Fallers By ChilliJuice


Own it NOW for $0.99 - limited time only!

Draw flight paths for skydiving pandas, elephants and tigers and help them crush the menacing machines down below!

"Cool new sensation... leaves Parachute Panic and even many line-drawers in the dust!"
- Tim "Lord Gek" Jordan of Touch Arcade Forums

"Unique game that is awesome to play!"
- AppModo

"Blows other airplane control type games out of the sky!"
- KillJoy4

"I'm officially an addict, such a fun and awesome game!"
- Freefallerfan

" Challenging, fast-paced, and fun. It’ll give anyone of any age a run for their money."
- SlapApp

"Innovative gameplay mechanic"
- OpenFeint

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