Thursday, September 30, 2010

Galactica HDB- Thumbspark Limited-promo code


Galactica, the acclaimed interactive visualizer has been updated for the iPad.

148Apps said "Galactica is the sort of app that wouldn’t been seen dead on a Blackberry. The sort of app that the iPhone was made for. The sort of app that makes you wonder how anyone can ever settle for less than an iPhone."

Gently interact with the display to create a unique performance
-- Emit streams of plasma from your finger tips
-- Ignite explosions of dust and gas
-- Use gravitational force to shape the cosmos

Exclusive to iPad
-- Record your interactions and replay the performance again and again.
-- Connect your iPad to a projector or HD TV to see the effect on a big screen.
-- Sit back and enjoy the built-in auto-play mode.
-- 3 brand new music tracks by Bloom co-creator Peter Chilvers.
-- Download the original iPhone Galactica soundtrack for free.

Plug-in your headphones, turn down the lights and enjoy!
Here you go: 6LNE3XPJKKTN

If you enjoy the app, we kindly ask that you submit an App Store review.

Many thanks!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Adventurers By Spica


"If you are a minesweeper fan, then adventurer is the game for you." - Appyzilla

Adventurers, an evolution game from the classics minesweeper. Now not only avoid the trap but also find the hidden treasures. You will also have 3 powerful weapons to conquer more danger zone.

More interesting, More exciting!!
promo code:HPP3NK73P3FJ S
Enjoy it.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Crazy RockBy M.G.G free today!!!


It is a very easy but absolutely addictive operating puzzle game(now it is FREE FOR ONLY TEN DAYS , DON'T MISS IT).

There is many beautiful color stones and cool garden map.

The only thing you need to do is put each 5 same color stone in one row or col.

But once circle big color stone existing, please be careful.

If you had a mistake, do not worry, you can try Undo functionality.

Try your best to get all FIVE stars for each level. Good Luck!

You are lucky we have 60 levels for your enjoying now (more levels to be coming soon)

Easy to play
1. Select one stone
2. Tap direction arrow to move
3. Put each 5 same color at one line to finish a task

Tips:you should double think how to move one color stone by another color

For more games, please visit :
Any questions ,bugs or advice please report to email:
or follow us twitter:@volcanostudios

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Dream Jump (1ยบ snooze)By Bruno Neves-promo code!!!


Dudu wakes up in the middle of the night and discovers that some of his dreams were stolen. An uncontrollable agony takes control of Dudu, and to retrieve his dreams he has to go back to sleep and enter into a world of fantasy.

1st snooze: Facing the boogeymen.
2nd snooze: Coming soon ...
3rd snooze: Coming soon ...
Please, leave comment,Thanks

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

iPhone And iPad Apps Gone Free: Space Station: Frontier, Fly-Flap, Battle Bears Go, And More

Pocket Frogs today only free!!!

Since I got my new iPhone 4 a few weeks back, I've been playing more games than ever on Apple's little handheld. I just recently got back into Ngmoco's We Rule. It's probably the pinnacle of the "freemium" genre on the iPhone so far. It's free to play, very social, and very much based on timed "check-ins," where you set crops to grow and then come back in a few hours to harvest them. It puts in little blips of gameplay that move you towards a larger progress goal.

The only problem is that We Rule isn't all that fun; it's a bunch of clicking and grinding. So, lately I've been wondering when someone would add a fun freemium game to the App Store. It would have to be something that was social and progressive and all that that entails, but it would also need to have a game component that was actually fun to play.

Enter NimbleBit! They're following up on their great froggy platformer DizzyPad with Pocket Frogs, a freemium title that actually adds some fun to the equation and shows a lot of potential as well.

Monday, September 13, 2010

GreenPois0n Tool May be Returning for an iOS4.1 Jailbreak - iSmashPhone iPhone Blog

GreenPois0n Tool May be Returning for an iOS4.1 Jailbreak - iSmashPhone iPhone Blog

Flower Garden Logical Game

Logical game which has a million fans in social networks worldwide finally comes to iPhone!
Do you like logical games? Flower Garden is the kind of game which you expected!
This amazing logical game will train your wits and attention!

Game features:
* Exciting gameplay
* Nice graphics and animation
* Music & sounds

Game has only positive emotions! It can improve your mood for the whole day!

Itunes link:link


Friday, September 10, 2010

Phoenix Spirit By Spearhead Entertainment free today!!!

Phoenix Spirit


Phoenix Spirit is the winner of "Best Mobile Game" at the Swedish Game Awards 2010!

"Phoenix Spirit is a cool game of exploration, filled with well drawn pixel art, immersive music, and a neat game concept that any fan of Metroidvania side-scrollers shouldn't miss." -Toucharcade

"Phoenix Spirit is one of those games that you really need to get for the iPhone or iPad(screen doubled)." -Touchgen Review (4/5)

"The game is throughly enjoyable and you do want to keep playing it and exploring along the forest. It is probably one of the few unique games that will keep you entertained on the edge of your seat and yet relaxing at the same time." -Touchreviews (4/5)

"It's actually a really beautiful game. It's got such a great atmosphere about it."
- AverageApper

"I just played this game for an hour on the toilet because I was so lost in the game. The artwork is beautiful, and the atmosphere is very zen (especially with headphones)." -First impressions from Toucharcade forum

The Mother Tree is ill and only you can heal it!

Fall of Atlantis 2.0 By Spearhead Entertainment free today!!!

Fall of Atlantis 2.0


"A puzzle game with a nice story line and fun gameplay" - Touchaholics (4/5)

Welcome to the new and improved edition of Fall of Atlantis. The game has been reworked completely and everything has been upgraded.

The game is a merger between platforming and the classic Bust-A-Move game (Puzzle Bobble/Snoods).

In Fall of Atlantis you take on the role as Atlas, the King of Atlantis, to save your beloved kingdom from destruction.

- Fall of Atlantis is based on classic gameplay. It is easy to learn but will at the same time give veteran players something new to try.

- Battle greek mythological creatures for the control of Atlantis!

- A whole puzzle mode is included with over 50 unique puzzles. It is perfect for people who wants to play something quickly.

- For the adamant defenders of Atlantis there is also a full list of unlockables such as achievements, a soundtrack as well as additional puzzles!

What are you waiting for? Atlantis needs your help today!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

iMatryoshka game

ITunes Link : iMatryoshka game

Our new game iMatryoshka released in AppStore 
and for sure it will become one of the best fascinating games, that you can iTouch!

Imagine, that one of the most terrible creatures made-up by mankind - The Vampires, are not scary at all.
Put their disappointed faces on russian Matryoshka, shake up a bit, shuffle and drop on the table.
While you`ll be trying to put all of them together, you will forgot about time, we promise!

Multitouch support - you can play with your friends on one device! 

Demo video on YouTube:
iMatryoshka trailer movie -
Respectfully yours, 
ukrainian developers
Game Unit Devs