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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Facebook Updates iPhone App With ‘Places’ Feature-3.2

Facebook has updated their iPhone app to support ‘Places’, a new feature which lets users check-in when they reach a new location.

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The iPhone 4 Micro-SIM Situation

Because there are now several countries where the iPhone 4 is sold unlocked, everyone can choose the best network and tariff for their needs while not tying themselves down to a long contract.  There is no doubt that this is the way phones should be sold, however, buying the iPhone 4 in this way has a distinct problem all of its own: the micro-SIM card.
The person who buys the iPhone 4 unlocked from Apple almost certainly has a phone with a contract already, which they’re presumably happy with and have no wish to change or upgrade.  But their existing SIM will be a mini version, used in every digital phone since the late-’90s, which won’t fit, leaving them with two solutions.
Solution one is to attack your SIM with a pair of scissors and cut it down to size.  The trouble is, you’ve got to be precise and if you’ve seen a micro and mini SIM together, you’ll know that the chips are slightly different sizes so there is no obvious guide to aid measurements.  If you mess it up, you’ll be left without a phone or if your mini-SIM was using all of the chip surface, you could lose data and be without a phone.  Some choice.
So, not wanting to slice up your card, you could request a new micro-SIM from your network, but you’ll have to wait for it to be delivered, leaving your brand new phone in the box until it arrives, then activate it over the phone.  You could also drop into your local network shop and ask for a replacement there and then, but judging by this report, some customer service staff don’t even know the iPhone 4 takes a different size SIM!  So good luck with that.
Worst of all though, is if you’re planning to take your unlocked iPhone to another country and want to use a SIM on a local network, as you’ll have to choose the first solution to the problem unless the iPhone 4 is already sold there.
You can forget about the lack of Flash support and the high prices, the biggest pain about the iPhone 4 is its use of the micro-SIM card, which for many offers no benefit and is only viewed as an inconvenience.
As in all times like this, there are one or two heroes who emerge to assist the frustrated masses.  The first is a company called Cut My Sim, who produce a sort of stapler/hole punch hybrid that will cut your existing mini-SIM down to micro-SIM size.  A great idea, but it costs $25/£20 and is sold out until July.  Then there is a man named John Benson, who has published in-depth instructions on how to cut down your SIM to micro-SIM size.  It looks relatively straight-forward, but the meat cleaver may be a pain to find.
Are you in a similar situation?  Tell us how you’re planning to get around the micro-SIM situation if you’re buying an unlocked phone.  Is your network helping you out?  Or do you have another solution we haven’t mentioned here?

Recorder HD

Recorder HD

Published by: Decipher Media
Current Version: 2.1
Released: 2010-04-01
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Iris Photo Suite

Iris Photo Suite

Iris is a collection of highly optimized set of tools and actions(filters) that are commonly used in the industry to correct and enhance digital images.Unlike the most Apps available on the "App Store", Iris lets you directly tweak your images by adjusting properties like Shadows/Highlights, Histograms, Color Balance(individually for Shadows/Highlights/Mid-tones) etc.

Iris offers one of the fastest workflow available on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
Published by: Pranav Kapoor
Current Version: 1.1 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Released: 2010-07-13
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CineXPlayer is a Free Xvid and DivX Video Player for the iPad

CineXPlayer is a new video player for the iPad that allows you to watch Xvid and DivX movies.

You love to watch your movies anywhere, anytime and take them with you on your iPad. But you realized that some of the most popular movie file formats (such as Xvid) won’t synch or play on your iPad ?

● Transfer your Xvid movies to your device instantly (no conversion needed)
● Play your movies anywhere, anytime - even when you have no Internet connection (in a train, a car, a plane…)
● Enjoy the full quality and cinema experience 

What's New In This Version:
Added Reset of Resume Points. Some bug fixes

You can download CineXPlayer from the App Store for free.

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Retina Wallpapers Offers Over 10,000 iPhone 4 Wallpapers Free

Retina Wallpapers HD offers over 10,000 high resolution wallpapers for your iPhone 4.

From Pop Culture to foreign cultures, Retina Wallpapers HD gives users the world in pictures. Each high resolution image has been perfectly formatted to fit the iPhone 4 high resolution screen and comes with a host of user-friendly features.

The stunning UI allows you easily tap and swipe your way through the multiple image galleries. Play slideshows, rate individual photos, receive feedback from within the app. 

✿ 10,000+ Retina Wallpapers…and counting
✿ Beautiful Full Screen Slideshows
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✿ Easy Navigation – Swipe, Zoom, Pinch
✿ In-App Feedback for User Questions
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You can download Retina Wallpapers HD from the App Store for free.

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